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The Harry Potter series makes perfect sense to translate from novel to film. ‘He has published numerous articles on post-structuralism and cultural criticism and is currently writing a book on popular fiction and film.’ ‘Because postmodernism is associated with a suspicion of meta-narratives, intellectual tendencies such as post-structuralism, relativism and pragmatism have been labeled postmodernist.’ This intellectual movement started in the 1960s by film writers/theorists focusing on unravelling the deep structures of social formations. The certain key differences that I decided to write about were tone and style, attitude to language and, project. FILM THEORY (define them all – analyse at two) STRUCTURALISM Structuralism looks at a film as a set of patterns, relationships, or structures. For example, there is a risk that the film will be examined "from the top-down, interpreting the film so that it fits into the general theoretical framework, and thus ignoring an analysis of the film's specific qualities." Although Heidegger worked in phenomenology and not in structuralism, his thought is the essential reference point for Derrida, whose theory of deconstruction was inspired Post structuralism and deconstruction deals with the differences between the two terms. In the post-structuralist world, theory necessarily has an effect, a complex, ripple-like effect on EVERYTHING. Post-structuralism is a term for philosophical, theoretical and literary forms of theory that both build upon and reject ideas established by structuralism, the intellectual project that preceded it. For instance, a viewer …show more content… The films produced during this time period provided ample importance to group activities related to Marxism . Structuralism believes that we see/ understand/ enjoy films through recognition of these structures. Words: 1265 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 55737041" (Barrat, nd) This view however, is not without its challenges. It held that language is not a transparent medium that connects one directly with a ‘truth’ or ‘reality’ outside it but rather a structure or code, whose parts derive their meaning from their contrast with one another. The meaning of a film comes not so Post-structuralist Film Theory One can see that Post-structuralism is basically an extension of structuralism, but with differences. Structuralism is a method for analyzing the deep structuring logic of cultural products and practices. Structuralists aims to discover the intrinsic meanings of surface appearances in media texts. JK Rowling, whether intentionally or not, had her characters literally grow up with my generation. Overviews. In the essay there are 4 different key points that can show the reader the difference between post structuralism and structuralism. The starting point for a post-structural theoretical vision is language and signification. A notable example of structuralism in literary theory is the work of the critic Northrop Frye, who worked to categorize works in the Western canon. A structuralist literary critic or theorist might examine how a short story, novel, or other piece of literature is written and, in the process, gain an understanding of its construction. Important Post-Structuralists. They storylines follow archetypes that are simultaneously familiar and fresh. Key figures include Foucault, Žižek, and Derrida, who is the most celebrated proponent of post-structuralist thought. Poststructuralism, movement in literary criticism and philosophy begun in France in the late 1960s. Essentially, the plotline follows Harry Potter and his close friends as they grow from children into young… See Barbara Epstein's excellent and thought provoking, "Interpreting the … The movie, Memento, is an interesting example of cinematic post-structuralism.