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We hope you will enjoy browsing our products and would love to welcome you back soon. Big Japanese bass Manabu Kurita’s world record tying catch of a 22-5 largemouth from Lake Biwa in 2009 put Japan front and center in the bass fishing world for nearly a year (Here he is with an 18-pounder, the previous Biwa record). STEEZ COVER CHATTER. Japanese fishing tackle (Lures & Reels) directly from Japan (JDM). Fuji, you can often find the banks lined with bass anglers. is a leading online Fishing Tackle Shop. Finding suitable JDM baits is always hard. Japanese fishing tackles are high quality.Your fishing becomes happier. Welcome To The Japan Angler Online Store. Skip to Content ... Avani Sea Bass PE Super Sensitive LS8; Avani Sea Bass PE Super Sensitive LS8 Fullcast; Avani Eging PE Milky; Seabass Shock Leader VEP-F NYLON 30m ; Seabass Shock Leader Premium Fluoro Carbon 30m ; AVANI LIGHT GAME SUPER PREMIUM PE X4 150m; YGK. Some are concerned that bass diminish populations of native fish that are also highly prized and, in some cases, commercially harvested. Keep lure depth no more than a foot under the surface. Bass fishing. Although they are experiencing great difficulty in global market, their products are still loved by Japanese anglers. Enterprise . We can arrange Bass fishing trip according to your request! River fishing in Tokyo, Japan. There are five major lakes that neighbor Mt. Introduction: Fishing for sea bass in Japan’s Tokyo Bay is a favorite endeavor amongst local anglers. Same as in the northern states of the USA, the best season for bass fishing in Japan is May and June. The Bass anglers in the whole world surprised the world record was broken at Lake Biwa, Japan. Sawara Ro 2018-4 Katori-City Chiba 287-0001 Japan Email:[email protected] Business day: Open daily except Sunday & National Holiday's Monday in Japan Freshwater fishing’s “Holy Grail” now has dual holders. New lure for 2017 of SHIMANO, "BORAKONO 80 F" is for fish SEA BASS which is feeding on small mullet swimming surface. My usual productive spots did not even produce a tap although I did see one follow my small power shad on a light jig head. Bass fishing is the activity of angling for the North American gamefish known colloquially as the black bass. You must not stock lakes and rivers with large mouth and small mouth bass. We assure you that you will enjoy tremendous fishing experiences with tackle provided by Hey haven’t been since COVID but absolutely there is great sea bass fishing in japan. DEKA PEANUT II SR. PEANUT II DR. FROG. We just relaunched our store to offer you an even better shopping experience. Get your team aligned with all the tools you need on one secure, reliable video platform. A salt water chapter is included in order to support salt water fishing in Japan. Author Topic: Bass Fishing in Okinawa, Japan (Read 715 times) Madhatter8511. As you might imagine, despite the fish's official status as an alien species, sport fishing for largemouth bass on Biwa is a very popular event. Conditions: Cold night, winds moderate, early January, time 1830-2000, tide high. Action can be fast and furious during the months of October to late November when the fish can be found in relatively shallow water (ten to sixteen feet). just redesigned website for using easier. Lake Biwa provides the best bass fisheries in Japan. We had an amazing experience at Hacienda Las Palmas in Padilla, Tamaulipas, Mexico. Though many Japanese anglers love bass fishing and many Japanese manufacturers have made fortunes building and selling bass tackle, not all Japanese residents like bass. Fuji and they are all within a […] I know from the reports I’ve gotten that bass fishing is huge in Japan and that the local anglers are really good at their craft. UB Member; Location: Stationed In Okinawa, Japan; Offline; Gender: Posts: 1; Oki Bass ; Bass Fishing in Okinawa, Japan « on: June 25, 2018, 08:51:18 AM » Hello all. The waters off Japan include cold and warm currents in which fish abound. バス釣り(四国)【魚釣り動画】 " Bass fishing in Japan "Toesdemure. Bass introduced into new environments overseas have also found new prey to be good eating — in Lake Biwa, Japan, for example, the bass have taken to gorging themselves on carp. Bass fishing in Tokyo, Japan!! There are numerous black bass species considered as gamefish in North America, including largemouth bass (Micropterus salmoides), smallmouth bass (Micropterus dolomieui), spotted bass or Kentucky bass (Micropterus punctulatus), and Guadalupe bass (Micropterus treculii). Catch & Release is prohibited. Enterprise . We sell Japanese fishing equipment. "KASUMI system" It is Tokyo area. Hope this helps. Shop : Asian Portal Fishing Street address : 1-15-20 MMF Hakataekimae Building 2F, Hakataekimae, Hakata-ku, Fukuoka-shi, Fukuoka 812-0011, Japan Email : [email protected] Business hours : 9:00~17:00(Except our shop holidays) Holiday : Saturday/Sunday/Public holiday Available payment methods 1. Credit cards available 2. I recently got stationed back on the "Rock" Okinawa, Japan and have heard there is some good fishing spots to catch bass here. Follow. The Nippon Bass Club (日本バスクラブ) is the largest amateur sports fishing club in Japan.. Hope you enjoy my new web, which was renewed in July 2015. Sometimes even elbow to elbow. STEEZ MINNOW 110SP DR. STEEZ MINNOW 110SP MR. STEEZ MINNOW 125SP DR. STEEZ MINNOW 125SP EXDR . Went fishing in Japan last night for some Japanese seabass at Yokohama Northdock within the Tokyo/Yokohama bay area. Large mouth and small mouth are considered to be harmful fishes in Japan. The 22 pound, 4 ounce largemouth bass caught by Japan’s Manabu Kurita matches the IGFA record held for 77 years by Georgia’s George Perry. Don’t know where to start as it’s a massive subject. I list discontinued fishing reels at Casting reels archives and Spinning reels archives, hoping you find them quite valuable to understand fishing reels sold in Japan in the past. It's just like large mouth bass fishing. Flip near the boat bumper and retrieve. Reviews and information are not easily accecible due to language. We are transmitting these charms. The thing about Japan is that it’s a place where bass fishing lures and techniques have been expanded and tweaked over the years. River fishing in Tokyo, Japan. OLLTOLOS FC; XBRAID SUPER JIGMAN X8; XBRAID … And, from what I hear they have plenty of good water for practice. PROP / BLADE. Fishing in Japan all, Chords, Bass Tabs tabs including only on the weekends By the way, the trailing treble on my calm 80 busted off and the remaining two are bent up from all the Japanese sea bass I have landed with this lure. This organization has been known to sponsor Japanese fishing games like JB The Super Bass. We offer premium Japanese fishing tackle, from Fishing Rods, Spinning Reels, Fishing Lines, & lures, Seabass Lures, Trout Lures, Salmon Lures, Rods and a lot more. Playing next. Japanese famous fishing reel delivered by “Japanese companies”, “from Japan” to the world! Sometimes you will see the sea bass under the boat bumpers waiting for pray. It`s a new lure for 2017. Shimano Poison Ultima 166L-BFS/5. We are the guide and travel agency for keen Bass anglers in Japan. It imitates mullets (typical bait fish of SEA BASS and another predators) which swim on surface. 6 years ago | 39 views. And some Japanese naturalists claim that the bass has no natural enemy in Japan, … Price is high. バス釣り(四国)【魚釣り動画】 " Bass fishing in Japan "Report. The following is the news release issued by the IGFA, based in Dania Beach, Fla. 1 talking about this. It`s a floating shad pencilbait of easy way to use. Coarse fishing In 2000, the total catch was 4,989,354 tons, ranking third in the world. Because these eat native Japanese fishes and other living things. During the coming months we will add even more products by Japan’s Top Fishing Brands, so stay tuned! However, we knew there are quite a few world record class basses in Lake Biwa for a few years. Welcom to the Tackle Japan online store!! These are considered to be destroyers of Japanese ecological environment. The best global online JDM tackle store in JPN . Japan is one of the world's foremost fishing nations, accounting on average for about 8% of the world's catch. provides you a great and unique opportunity to access to outstanding Japanese fishing tackle for your fishing outing. Thanks for watching my first video! Browse more videos. PayPal STEEZ MINNOW 125SP MR. Japan Fishing Tackle Store DIGITAKA! They had a big influence Japanese bass fishing market. CRANK. Item Navi; How to Order; Customer Service; Contact ; About Us; Advanced Search ... (BASS / TROUT) MINNOW / SHAD. Hundreds of kilograms of fish are caught by the members of the Nippon Bass Club every year. Lake Biwa gets an incredible amount of pressure, yet compared to other smaller lakes in Japan, the pressure here is nothing. Regular Price: ¥95,000.00 . We deliver Japanese fishing reel from Japan to the world.We would know the quality of Japanese brands.We handle a huge number of brands, not to mention famous ones like “SHIMANO”, “DAIWA”. But round most of the coast line you can target bass from jetties and piers. STEEZ … Japan’s Fine Line to Finesse Fishing Story by Matt Paino On a typical weekend at one of the more popular Japanese fishing lakes near Mt. At this time of year, anglers take to the water using a variety of tackle closely resembling that of black bass fisherman. Get your team aligned with all the tools you need on one secure, reliable video platform. New Products. "EXSENCE BORAKONO 80 F" is a floating pencilbait for a SEA BASS. Now, Lake Biwa is famouse in all over the world.