how much are glastonbury tickets

The demand for tickets is likely to be very high but please don’t be tempted or fooled by bogus sellers. General admission full weekend tickets (valid from Wednesday 26th June to Monday 1st July) for Glastonbury Festival 2019 will cost £248 + £5 booking fee per ticket. You may book up to six tickets per transaction by paying a deposit of £50 per person, with the balance due in the first week of April 2020. Within Interstage is the official Glastonbury hospitality area which you will be welcome to use throughout the weekend. When purchasing a ticket, you first pay a £50 deposit to secure it. If you donate and are also a UK taxpayer you enable Glastonbury The main ticket sale usually takes place on a Sunday in October. The coach resale will take place on Thursday 16th April 2020 followed by the main resale, on Sunday 19th April 2020. Glastonbury’s admission costs often increase slightly each year, and unfortunately, those who are rolling their tickets over to 2021 will have to stump up for next year's prices. If the event is organised by an external organisation, the above will not necessarily apply and you will need to liaise directly with Even If you aren’t successful in securing tickets in the ticket sales in October, you will have another chance to book in the Spring resales, when any returned tickets go back on sale. The first chance to buy tickets for the 2020 Festival will go to those booking a coach + ticket package, as part of the Festival’s continued commitment to green travel. A £50 deposit per person (plus coach fare if you’re booking a coach package) needs to be paid in October. If you do not, you will be refunded £40. If the transaction fails and tickets are still available, your registration number will be released to give you the chance to try again. Please note, registration does not guarantee you a ticket (and in recent years, demand for tickets has outstripped supply). However we would advise you check your existing registration here and update your photo if it is no longer of a good likeness, well in advance of registration closing on 30th September. It's designed to deter those who want to watch the big name acts without paying the £245 ticket price. Please stick to one device and one tab, so that you can focus on entering your details without confusing your browser and help us make the ticket sale as quick and stress free as possible for all. If you require guideline currency conversions, we recommendthe Personal Currency Assistant. Tickets for the 50th year of Glastonbury have sold out in 34 minutes, as a record number of fans tried to secure a ticket for the event at Worthy Farm next June. Today’s the day Glastonbury tickets go on general sale and you need to be ready at 9am on the dot. There will be no further opportunity to submit/re-submit a registration until after the October ticket sales. We are committed to making the abbey and events held at the abbey accessible to everyone. When is the full balance due for Glastonbury 2020 tickets? Tickets for Glastonbury Festival 2022 are sold out, but there will be a resale in April 2022 for any tickets that are returned. Please be careful to enter all of your details accurately, as any details which don’t match will cause your transaction attempt to fail. Tickets are specific to the person named on the ticket, so you can't … Glastonbury tickets for 2019 sell out in half an hour. This was an increase of £10 from the 2017 festival, so do be prepared to fork out slightly more for 2020 than you did this year. Tickets will cost £248 + a £5 booking fee. READ MORE: Glastonbury ticket prices increase for 2020. You may book up to six tickets per transaction by paying a deposit of £50 per person, with the balance due in the first week of April 2020. Tickets can be bought on the gate or you can save money by booking them online up to 6pm on the day before your visit. who have bought tickets with the voluntary donation can fill in a Gift Aid declaration. Tickets for the 2019 Glastonbury Festival sold out within minutes (Image: Glastonbury Festival). The local ticket sale is an extra opportunity for local residents to secure general admission tickets, however we’d always advise trying the main ticket sales first, to maximise your chances of getting tickets. will help preserve Glastonbury Abbey for future generations. Following another fast ticket sale (all 135,000 weekend sold in under 36 minutes), the first news to emerge was a gamechanger: a ban on single-use plastic bottles on site for 2019. BUYING FESTIVAL TICKETS General admission full weekend tickets (valid from Wednesday 24th June to Monday 29th June) for Glastonbury Festival 2020 will cost £265 + £5 booking fee. A hospitality ticket allows you access to the Interstage area which is between the Pyramid and The Other stage. There is more than just one … If you are already registered with the Festival, you do not need to re-register. The price of tickets for 2021 haven’t been announced; but tickets for 2020 would have been £265 (+ £5 booking fee per ticket). Glastonbury 2021 tickets People with 2020 bookings who had paid their £50 deposits, have already been given the opportunity to have their reservation rolled over to next year. If you would like to Gift Aid simply fill in one of the forms available at the abbey when you visit or You will need to be registered to be eligible for a ticket. It will take just 30 seconds of your time and the extra money raised will When accommodation goes on sale later in the autumn for Worthy View (the Festival’s official pre-erected campsite), priority booking will be given to coach + ticket package holders. Abbey to reclaim the tax back on the whole amount paid as part of the Government's Gift Aid Scheme. In 2019 tickets cost £248, while for … How much was a ticket to Glastonbury 2019? That's currently worth an extra 25p for every £1 you give which means your donation can be put towards crucial work which Record numbers attempt to buy tickets for festival following its fallow year. We strongly advise that you submit your registration at least a week in advance of that deadline, as without a valid registration number for each person for whom you wish to book a ticket, you will not be able to book tickets. READ MORE: Glastonbury 2020 headliners and line-up rumours. Once you reach the first page of the booking site, you will be asked to enter the registration number and registered postcode for the lead booker and up to 5 other individuals. Festival goers were asked to bring (or buy) resuable metal water bottles for the 35 new WaterAid water kiosks and hundreds of free on-site taps. If the option you have selected is not available, please choose a different town or day that is convenient for you. Please call our shop on 01458 831631 and arrange to either show the relevant documents in person or to email or post copies. of any additional evidence that supports your application. Glastonbury tickets go on sale around October every year, and are always snapped up in record time long before the line-up is even announced - with a price tag of £228. We are so sorry to announce this, but Glastonbury 2021 will have to be cancelled, and this will be an enforced fallow year for the Festival. This article is more than 2 years old. If you are a UK tax payer, by filling in a form you can make a big difference to the future of this historic site at no further cost to yourself. If you are booking a coach package, you will be asked to choose the departure town (and time for towns with multiple departures). Glastonbury tickets will have to … We may provide disabled ticket holders Tickets for Glastonbury 2020 have now been priced at "£265 per person + £5 booking fee". © 1997–2021 Glastonbury Festival Even though deposits are being rolled over, the final cost will be determined by 2021 ticket prices, meaning the final price could be higher than this year’s festival. Ticket price: £248 Capacity: 203,000 With a new permanent licence approved by Mendip District Council in July 2018, the Festival spent the fallow year preparing for the return in 2019. Then just sign and date the form and we'll do the rest. (who would be unable to attend without a PA - personal assistant / carer / essential companion) with a ticket at no additional cost for their If the amount of traffic on the website is particularly high, you may see a reduced version of the See Tickets booking site, with a minimal version of the holding page. Glastonbury Abbey welcomes and appreciates all support and donations we receive from generous visitors. If purchasing online you will be asked to complete the declaration as part of the process. If that doesn’t help, close your browser and start again. As in previous years, tickets will be sold exclusively at Tickets for Glastonbury 2020 have now been priced at "£265 per person + £5 booking fee". As well as being the first to secure Glastonbury tickets, those travelling to the Festival with a coach + ticket package will have access to an additional benefit for 2020. Whilst we understand that everyone wants to have the best possible chance of booking a ticket, running multiple devices simultaneously to attempt to access the website is a waste of valuable resources, and doesn’t reflect the ethos of the Festival. The time remaining will be shown on the right hand side of your screen: Please note, your registration numbers will be locked for up to 10 minutes if your details are entered incorrectly, an attempt to book is already held against your registration number, or your 5 minutes on the booking page ends. You will need to close the browser and start again to gain fresh access to the booking page. Tickets for Glastonbury 2019 cost £248 plus a £5 booking fee. These coach + ticket packages will go on sale at 6pm BST on Thursday, 3rd October, via Children aged 12 and under when the Festival takes place are admitted free of charge and do not need a ticket and do not need to register. Applications are judged on a case-by-case basis. But now that Glastonbury 2019 is just around the corner, and tickets for this year are pretty much a no-go at this point, you may be wondering how to get tickets for Glastonbury … You will then have a week in April 2019 to pay the remaining balance. Tickets are valid all day on day of issue. The full Glastonbury 2020 ticket information is now available over on our Tickets Page, and is well worth a thorough read if you’re hoping to buy tickets. Glastonbury Festival. PA, if they are in receipt of one of the following: If you do not have any of the above evidence but are unable to attend the abbey without a PA you are welcome to post or email copies It is only possible to book tickets from one departure town in a single transaction. In order to make a booking you will need the registration number and registered postcode for each person you are booking a ticket for, as well as a valid debit (UK only) or credit card with sufficient funds to cover your full transaction, and all the security information for that card. Some still try. help safeguard Glastonbury Abbey for many generations to come. Registration will close at 5pm on Monday, 30th September, after which there will be no opportunity to submit/re-submit a registration until after the October ticket sales. As in previous years, tickets will be sold exclusively at How much do Glastonbury 2020 tickets cost? A full list of departure towns and prices can be found below. Once you reach the payment page you will have 5 minutes to submit your payment information, so please take your time to enter this information accurately. Standard weekend tickets will go on sale at 9am BST on Sunday, 6th October. Following another fast ticket sale (all 135,000 weekend sold in under 36 minutes), the first news to emerge was a gamechanger: a ban on single-use […] Glastonbury 2020 will mark the 50 th anniversary of the much sought after event so undoubtedly tickets will be snapped up in no time. Registration remains free of charge and only takes a few minutes. Once all your information is correct, please proceed to the payment page. As part of our ongoing efforts against ticket touting, anyone who would like to attend the Festival will need to have registered in advance before attempting to book a ticket. But we can get a good idea of how much Glastonbury 2021 tickets might cost from the previous year's figure. Tickets will only be sold at download and print it off at home; all we need to Glastonbudget 2018 Early Bird Tickets On Sale NOW - Buy Tickets For 2018 Via Bank Transfer Using Phone/Internet Banking OR Credit & Debit Card With Gigantic Whilst you are waiting to access the booking site you will be held at this page until there is a space on the booking site for you to start the booking process. The page will automatically refresh to look for space on the booking page every 20 seconds. This does not mean the site has crashed! Gift Aid is an Inland Revenue scheme which allows Charities to reclaim the basic rate tax you've paid as a UK tax payer. Please see link below for full festival ticketing information. (Quite the opposite in fact – this means the site is serving the maximum number of people at the same time.). In 2019, tickets cost £248, plus a £5 booking fee. The voluntary donation will help fund our vital conservation work. For our quick guide, please see below. When you proceed, the details you have provided will be displayed on the next page. Have everyone's details to hand. We've got the lowdown on how to secure your Glastonbury tickets. Please don’t continue to refresh the page more than 10 minutes after entering your details as your access to the page will have expired. … the organisers. Every year, the amount of devices trying to connect to the Festival’s booking site increases. Use multiple devices and make sure to charge them all the night before. Further information campervan/caravan tickets, tipis and pre-erected accommodation will be available on the Festival website later in October. UPDATE: As of 5pm on Monday, 30th September, registration is now closed. The ticket sale is … When booking a coach package you will need to pay the deposit (£50) plus full coach fare, with the Festival ticket balance due in the first week of April 2020. If the page ‘hangs’ and you can’t get any further, try pressing back once and then continue your booking from that point. Glastonbury tickets on sale today at 9am. If you wish to contact the organisers please contact [email protected] and we will put you in touch. Glastonbury AbbeyAbbey GatehouseMagdalene StreetGlastonburySomersetBA6 9EL, About UsTrusteesLinksOverseas VisitorsPhotowallGlastonbury Abbey Shop, Extravaganza Competition Terms & Conditions© 2002 - 2021 Glastonbury Abbey & SWD - Legal Info - Terms of Use - Privacy Policy, Extravaganza Competition Terms & Conditions, Middle or Higher rate DLA for care and/or mobility, Receipt of Personal Independence Payment (PIP), Evidence of being severely sight impaired, CredAbility Access Card (+1 category requirement), see. Although the festival now has the scope to increase its capacity to 210,000 (adding another 7,000 tickets to the pot), and by doing so rising the chances of getting a Glasto ticket – it is currently unclear whether the number of attendees will actually be increased for Glastonbury 2020.. Tickets will be sold exclusively at know is your name, address and the number of tickets you have purchased. The Glastonbury 2020 ticket price is £265 + £5 booking fee. sold on a first come, first served basis. If you require guideline currency conversions, we recommend the Personal Currency Assistant Click here for Memberships Please check that these are the people you expect to be booking tickets for, as these cannot be changed once you proceed with your booking. However only UK tax payers BBC Biggest Weekend tickets, much like Glastonbury Festival VIP hospitality and standard tickets, are expected to be in high demand and sell out. Tickets for events are Tickets for Glastonbury 2020 will cost £265 plus booking fee. A limited number of people will be given access to the booking site at any one time. Figure out how much tickets cost here: As stated on their official website's FAQ page, Glastonbury festival tickets cost £248 + £5 booking fee per … Glastonbury's info page also sees them go into much … Glastonbury ticket ballot 2020: How to register and get tickets in the draw. To claim this Gift Aid, we just need 30 seconds more of your time. These prices are subject to change as the guidelines change. Undoubtedly the year’s hottest festival ticket, Glastonbury always sells out in a flash, boasts a vast and raises millions for good causes – but it’s … Tickets will cost £265 + £5 booking fee.  |. Those buying ticket and coach packages will need to pay the entire coach ticket upfront. In 2019 general tickets were £248 + £5 booking fee, meaning the cost of … How much are Glastonbury tickets? Do not attempt to book tickets from third parties. You may book up to six coach tickets per transaction. Travel on the coach you have selected is mandatory in order to receive your Festival ticket, so please only book on routes that are feasible for you. Glastonbury Festival 2020 will take place across four sites in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland and 175,000 luck revellers will be treated to music’s hottest properties. Link to Glastonbury Ticket Information Children aged 12 and under are admitted free of charge and do not need a ticket.